FLAG Audio

Stems is a Multi-Channel-Stem-Player with high-quality resampling.

Use the right-click-menu to load individual files or the first 6 files from a folder.

Files can be either Flac or Wave. Waves can be in many formats (loading-code comes from: https://mackron.github.io/dr_wav)

If a file has a sample rate that is not exactly the same as the engine sample-rate the sound will be re-sampled with a high quality algorithm. Large-Windowed-sinc for upsampling and decimation. Special (faster) cases for up/down-sampling of 2x and 4x ratios.

Each Track have vu-meters whose color describes some detail about the sound.

FLAG Audio

I hope you like it!

Please report any issues to myself at: https://community.vcvrack.com/u/jnorberg