FLAG Audio

Prodigal Son is a Very Band-Limited Super-Saw Oscillator with Noise and an Amplitude Envelope.

Not blit, blep or similar... just a bunch of tables, and some table-bending for low notes... One center-oscillator and a variable number of hard-panned oscillator-pairs.


  1. Detune. How strong detuned are the side-oscillators
  2. Mix. How loud the side-oscillators are in relation to the center.
  3. # Adjust the number of hard-panned oscillator-pairs.
  4. Note. The main tuning
  5. Chaos, Depth and Rate: The pitch of each oscillator is modulated with low-passed white noise.
  6. Noise, Mix, S, Col. A noise-oscillator with an individual sustain-level. Also band-limited.
  7. -1. Drops the center oscillator one octave (and also drops the band-limit for the center-oscillator one octave)
  8. Band-Limit. 14 to 20kHz.
  9. A, D, S, R. Amplitude Envelope

I hope you like it!

Please report any issues to myself at: https://community.vcvrack.com/u/jnorberg