FLAG Audio

Oppressor-Pro is a Stereo Multi-Band-Ducker with simple controls.

The key-input is split into multiple bands, and the amplitude of each band is measured. The main-input is split into similar bands, and each is affected based on the ampliture of the corresponding band from the key-input. It can also be switch from ducking to gating, similar to a vocoder.

  1. Sense. Adjust the gain of the key-input.
  2. Range. How strong is the effect (in dB)
  3. Mode: Duck / Gate. Ducking lowers the main signal when the key input is present. Gating does the opposite.
  4. Bands. Select how many bands the signal should be split into
  5. Attack Hold Release.
  6. Mix. Blend the key-input with the output.

I hope you like it!

Please report any issues to myself at: https://community.vcvrack.com/u/jnorberg