FLAG Audio

Electric Ensemble is a Chorus/Ensemble effect.

Let's go over the parts one by one. Loosely following the signal-path.

Input Block

When the signal enters the effect the first thing that happens is that it's saturated. After this it's filtered with a 2-pole low-pass filter with a fixed resonance.

Delay Line

The central piece of "Tap Dancer" is a mono delay line that get sampled by eight "taps" panned alterning left-right.

Modulation Block

The SPREAD control scales the delay-times for all taps. Small values sounds thick, larger values sounds like "early reflections" from a reverb. RATE and DEPTH controls modulation of the taps. All taps are modulated from the same internal lfo, but with offset-phases.

Output Block

At the end of the signal-chain is a two-pole high-pass filter, and MIX controls.

I hope you like it!

Please report any issues to myself at: https://community.vcvrack.com/u/jnorberg